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No time to deliver vehicles to the auto auction…
Can not afford to repair them…
Why don't you sell your vehicles at TAU auction?
Too busy to make adjustments on the auto auction dates...
Want to increase the sales routes…
TAU auction is the best choice!
Exhibit your own vehicles in TAU auction


Overseas sales network in more than 120 countries around the world.

Active bids in a wide range of vehicles!

TAU auction is held every weekday

Can exhibit within 2-3 days after the assessment is completed


The car you want to sell with documents

Assessed and photographed by the customer
Assessed and photographed by TAU

Enter sales information at TAU

Bring to your nearest Service Center
Send required documents to TAU
Transfer to your bank account
*Please feel free to contact us for various fees and transaction conditions

Price List

※Exhibition fee will be charged each time the car is re-auctioned.

Payment will be done when both vehicle and documents are received. Thu/Fri/Mon→ Payment will be made on Wednesday (or  on the next business day when Wednesday is holiday) .Tue/Wed→ Payment will be made on Friday(or on the next business day when Friday is holiday)
Consigned sale” will be written in the remark section of the exhibited vehicle.
・Vehicles without VIN number (Stamped chassis number)/vehicles outside of Japan cannot be exhibited. 
・Please note that we may refuse the listing in cases we deem it inappropriate.
If the vehicle has the history of submergion/odometer modification/repairment etc, please make sure to inform us before the exhibition starts.
 (Please note that if there is a defect in the declaration, whether intentionally or negligently, we may impose a penalty stated in the terms and conditions and suspend all transactions.)
We are not responsible for any mistakes in the content posted on our website, so please check the content in advance.
Step 1

・Confirmation of terms

・Submission of required documents
Agreement of terms (online)
Copy of shaken-shou(車検証)
Step 2


Your assessment...
Submission of your auction sheet and images
Our assessment ...
Delivery to our SC → Assessment
* Please contact us at least 1 business day before the delivery
Step 4
Step 3



Listing information will be provided after the assessment is completed. 
Consultation on pricing / listing date
Settlement report issuance



Bring to your nearest Service Center
Send required documents to TAU

Auction without the hassle of bringing in vehicles

Delivery after the auction is also possible