Click on the bid / offer page for the vehicle you want to purchase
After deciding the bid/offer price, click on To the Bid/Offer Confirmation page
Check the precautions for using TAU points from ❓, then select use.
On the Confirmation page, make sure that TAU Points: Use is selected and then click Confirm.
You can check the used amount of TAU points in the invoice.
A.They can be used for vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, forklifts, etc on our website.

1TAU point = 1 yen

Points will be used as lump sum usage method only.

Cannot be used separately

The maximum amount of TAU points that can be used is the product price (excluding tax).

Please check the amount of your TAU points

You can check from My Page> PAYMENT HISTORY> TAU Points history.
Collect by shopping

Customers who join the Premium Membership will be granted 15,000 TAU points per one vehicle purchase on the first day of following month.

Collect by posting reviews

If your review is posted on our website, you will receive 1,000 TAU points.

Collect by participating in campaigns

We are planning to hold special campaigns to grant TAU points on an irregular basis. Don't miss it!!

TAU Corporation   

LA Tower 10F, 11-2 Shintoshin Chuo-ku, Saitama, 330-6010, Japan


email address for inquiries regarding premium membership
 The number of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) purchased (Issuance of the proforma invoice to the full payment) from the 21st of the month before the previous month to the 20th of the previous month during the period of being a Premium Member x 15,000 TAU points will be granted on the 1st of every month.

Reviews should be posted as the standards written below.
・ Delivery of vehicles less than 6 months.
・ Comments should be 35 characters long or more.
・ All evaluation items rated.
・ Share the photos taken by yourself.
・ In the case of  repeated comments, only one comment is valid