Credit card payment is now available!

TAU Corporation
LA Tower 10F, 11-2 Shintoshin Chuo-ku, Saitama, 330-6010, Japan


✓ Only VISA card can be used
✓ Payment can be done instantly!

Is there a fee?
1.5% for customers in Japan, 3.3% for overseas customers will be charged.
Can anyone use credit card payment?
Any Tau member can use it.
When is the withdrawal date of the purchase price?
It depends on your contracted card company.
Please contact your card company. 
How can I use credit card payment?
Only for the first time, you will be required to register your information and card information. After confirming the bill from Tau on VISA BUSINESS PAY, you can use credit card payment.
When making credit card payments outside Japan, which currency is used and what is the exchange rate?
Payment will be denominated in yen.
Please check the exchange rate with the issuing credit card company.
Can I use any credit card?
Only VISA cards can be used.