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How To Buy Forklifts

Points To Purchase Forklifts



Check out the TAU auction held every Wednesday night
to the following Monday afternoon!
   You can buy forklifts by "an auction system (offer system)" from us.
   The person who bids for the highest price will be the purchaser.
   It is possible to bid for a lower price than the listed price
   because the listed price is just a reference.

                         *The auction schedule is subject to change.
                         *Products information will not be posted on the website outside the auction period.  
Payment and Delivery

   The product will be delivered to the delivery address registered when you offer.
   The delivery schedule varies depending on the country / region, so please ask the sales person.


About sales comission

   If you make a successful bid for a forklift, a sales commission of 20,000 JPY (excluding tax) will be charged separately for each unit.
   the total amount of the invoice will be : your offer amount + sales commission of 20,000 yen (excluding tax).

Free Storage Period

   Only if you send forklifts to overseas (container transportation),
   we will keep them at our yard (HOLD) for free up to 90 days after you make a successful bid.
   If 90 days or more have passed for HOLD period, a storage fee of 1,000 JPY / unit
   (30,000 JPY / unit for each month) will be charged separately.


   Members shall make payment for the product fees (total invoiced amount) by bank transfer
   to the bank account specified by TAU within two business days of the establishment of a sales contract.
   All transfer and bank charges shall be paid by members.

   *In case if the payment is not done on the specified date by TAU, a penalty will be issued.

Offer Cancel  

   When the member clicks the "Confirm" button on the tender product offer screen, 
   the member shall be deemed to be willing to purchase the product for the same amount. 
   After the bid deadline, the member shall not be able to cancel the bid or change the bid price in principle.

   However, you can cancel your bid with a cancel penalty,  100,000 JPY/unit, only in case that we allow it.

   *There is no limit to the number of bids if it is within the auction period.


TAU shall accept claims from members only when all below conditions have been fulfilled:
   1. Within 5 business days of the delivery/pick up of the Product for deliveries in Japan,
       and within 10 business days of the arrival of the Product to the destination port in case TAU arranges export and shipping.
   2. When the actual condition of the product is different from the information provided on our website.
       However, this does not include the damage caused by removing parts to put inside vehicle as inner parts by Container Vanning Company.
   3. When this differing condition is clearly the result of negligence of TAU;
   4. When the unit price of the Product is 100,000 JPY (excluding tax) or more;
   5. When Members can clarify damaged areas, provide photographic evidence and documents requested by TAU for the declared claim;
   6. When the Product condition is exactly same as the condition at the time of delivery (without any modification/repair, and not dismantled)
About TAU Auction

Q. Can you let me know an offer amount of other customers during the bidding period?
A. It is NOT possible for any customers to know an offer amount of other customers.
    Any inquiries about the number of offers and a offer price will be NOT accepted.

Q. Can you let me know the final result (a bid amount in the first place)?
A. The bid result is not disclosed, so any inquiries about an offer of products other customers purchased
    will be NOT accepted regardless you bid on the product or not. 

Q. If there is no description in the 'CONDITION' section, the product has no problem in operation?
A. There is no description in case that the mast can be raised and lowered and it can be driven back and forth. 
    However, all the products we sell are used ones, so a condition of the product can change after the assessment.
    Since we cannot guarantee the operation after the assessment, please be sure to check the product information and images when you offer,
    and give us an offer amount after considering the change in the state of the product.

Q. Is it possible to have additional images or information of products?
A. We will do our best, but as an additional cost, an assessment fee will be charged separately.
    In addition, it may take some time, so there is possibility that the work will not be completed by the desired deadline you wish.


Delivery and Products
Q. Is it possible to change a port of departure from Osaka to Yokohana?  
A. It is possible even though basically products stored in Osaka should depart from Osaka port, the nearest port from storage yard.
    However, the delivery cost from a storage yard to a port in a different area will be charged separately at the actual cost.
    The same applies when we deliver products from Yokohama to Osaka port or Fukuoka port.

Q. Is it possible to load products that we purchased by other companies into the TAU container?
A. It is possible, but limited to only forklifts.
    However, we ask our customers to deliver the products to our designated yard or port.
    In addition, the delivery cost in that case will be borne by our customer.

Q. Does each product come with accessories such as battery chargers and charge cables?
A. Basically, there are no accessories for all products.
    However, when there is a description about accessories in the remarks, we will send them with vehicles.
    The price of accessories is included in your offer price, so there is no additional cost.

Q. Do LPG and GASOLINE / LPG forklifts come with an LPG tank?
A. All forklifts do not come with an LPG tank.
    There may be a photo of a tank installed on a forklift at our sales information,
    but since it is a tank just for checking an assessment operation, we will send forklifts without the LPG tank.

Q. Do you sell only batteries or only used parts?
A. Parts are not sold in our website.

Q. Is it possible to ask TAU to order new vehicles or new parts from a manufacturer?
A. We can not handle new vehicles.

    We will do our best to accommodate new parts, but we will charge an additional fee of 15,000 to 20,000 JPY.

Q. Is there the sales person who can speak foreign languages?
A. Sales staff can speak not only Japanese, but also English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish.
    Please feel free to contact us.

Q. How can I make inquiries about forklifts or the TAU auction?
A. Please contact each sales person.

【Korean speakers】

【Chinese speakers】

【Vietnamese/English speakers】

【Spanish speakers】


【Japanese speakers】
Results Notification

   If you made a successful bid for forklifts, the sales person will contact you by e-mail or telephone.
   Please note that it takes at most
1~4 days from the deadline to inform you a result of the auction.

Issuance of Invoice

   When purchasing only forklifts
   →Delivery destination: Outside Japan (container transportation)
        As soon as the number of units for one container (For 40FT container: a total weight is 20-26 tons) is complete,
        an invoice will be issued for MULTIPLE units at once.
   →Delivery destination: Inside Japan
        As soon as a successful bid is confirmed, an invoice will be issued for EACH unit.

   When purchasing other products (automobiles, construction machinery, etc.)
   →Regardless of a delivery destination, as soon as a successful bid is confirmed,
    an invoice will be issued for EACH unit.
     *Even if forklifts and other products are loaded in one container, 
     an invoice will be issued for each unit, not for multiple units.